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December 13, 2006 11:05am CST
What course should you take up in College? The one that you really want or the one your parents dreamed of for you? If you take up the one you really wanted, we always think we will excel because we believe we have the passion. If we take up a course our parents want us to take then maybe, we will be able to please them for all their hardships for us to get into college, but do you have passion for what they want? Now, that I finished college and to tell you I followed what my mom wants me to be. She never forced me. I was the one who decided to follow what she dreamed for me because I wanna thank her for all the hard times and effort she put into work to give me a future. At first I thought I would never excel but at the end of the day it all changed. After I graduated, I told myself, this is what really is meant for me. This is the field I am going to be successful. I wanted to be a lawyer, but I chose to be a Nurse and this is were I am successful now. In the field of medicine. Its ironic what happened. I wanted to be a lawyer, they said lawyers dont have heart. I became a Nurse, they said full of passionate and heart...
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@rmuxagirl (7562)
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13 Dec 06
I went to college for something I wanted, English Literature instead of what my mom wanted. She wanted to take the extra two years and go for English teaching. Now that I'm graduated I do wish I went for the teaching aspect so that I could do something with my degree. But my mom never forced her thoughts on me and supported me when I just wanted the English degree.
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15 Dec 06
so, you are saying, you should have followed your mom?