SWAT a parent who stands by and watches their kids misbehave

South Africa
September 20, 2006 4:33pm CST
Don't you sometimes feel you could do that when a parent won't restrain their kids in your home or on your property? Kids will be kids, but you start at home teaching them respect for other people.
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• United States
2 Oct 06
I agree with you. Kids need to learn to respect others when they are young or they will not when they get older.
@Trixy99 (194)
• Canada
30 Sep 06
Yes I do. But I guess it goes back to the saying that you need a license to drive a car, hunt, have a dog but not to have a kid. Go figure. The other day I saw something that almost did me in. A mother waiting for the bank to open in a 8x8' room with me and another person waiting too. She just nagged and nagged that poor kid over every little single tiny little movement. She gave the kid heck for touching a piece of paper on the floor, and for touching one onm a bulletin board. She made the kid hold her hand. Like where could the kid go. She was only 2yrs old and not big enough to push the doors open so what was the bid deal. She even told the kid if she touched the paper again she would break her fingers. Iwas so sickened I couldnt stand being in my own skin the rest of the day! Can you imagine what the kid will be like when she goes to school. Or when she gets to her teens. OMG