Burning Man...anyone here involved with or attend Burning Man?

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December 13, 2006 1:44pm CST
Im assuming most of you know what it is...but Im curious to hear of any stories from your xperience, or reasons you got involved. I am fairly certain I will attend this years festival, have visited the site and read rules, festivities, regulations, etc, but Im looking to hear from those with personal experience...what were your convictions behind your participating. Did you exhibit art, and if so...what? Did you create a vehicle? Did you imbibe narcotics? Did you enjoy yourself? Tips? Anecdotes? Anything?
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12 Jan 07
I've been 4 yrs and my husband 7...I've had a great time every year we've went. We are currently on a long hiatus as we felt it just got to expensive and started to use the money to travel to other places. HOWEVER, i think it's great that you're going! It's a blast!! There isn't anything else like it - you can be sure of that. I've never created a vehicle and yes, i have done my share of hallucinogens at BM. I've also done it completely sober and both experiences were very different. The best tip I can give you is to be sure to read the website THROUGHOULY (burningman.com)and also join www.tribe.net if you haven't already. It has tons of burners on it that are more than happy to help with advice and such. Another great idea is, if you are able to, it's best to arrive on tues/wed and leave the following tuesday. It's really great to watch the community swell from 1000-2000 people to over 35,000 and back down again in less than 7 days. Have fun and be safe! Feel free to ask me any questions. I'd love to help...
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18 Dec 06
I haven't gone yet, but I've always wanted to go! I've got some Burner friends here where I live so I know about it second-hand... :) I live on the east coast so I just haven't been able to travel there, but I plan on moving to San Francisco so maybe it'll be easier to go from there. I am interested in going because I love art, psychedelics, and the desert, so I know it'll be a trip... hheheheheee :) Exhibiting art would be an interesting idea, I'll need to look into it before I go and see what's possible.