How to get money into an e-gold account without investment.

December 13, 2006 9:04pm CST
This is not for myself as my own e-gold account is doing quite well due to an investment strategy I recently stumbled upon but rather for others that want to try my plan for themselves. The amount of money required to start out on my endeavor is $4, because e-gold make the process of making a deposit so difficult I have been looking for ways for people to get money into a new e-gold account without any investment. I thought of just offering this transfer myself but am weary about people just taking my money and not following through with the program and/or never paying me back when their profits do start to come in. Someone on myLot was kind enough to direct me to this one e-gold profit opportunity for paid e-mail. At one cent an e-mail read it will take 400 e-mail to earn $4. At 15 e-mail a day it can be done within a month but a month is long time to keep someone's interest. Does anyone out there know of any similar programs where people can make e-gold in a similar way?
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