Beyonce's new song irreplaceble

@pedumfio (667)
December 13, 2006 11:09pm CST
Have you heard this song? Do you like it? I love it, and I'm glad she gave Jay Z the boot, she can do so much better.
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@emagyne (665)
• United States
14 Dec 06
Confused Smiley - confused
I love it also. I didnt know that she gave Jay-Z the boot. Why?
@pedumfio (667)
• Canada
15 Dec 06
I'm not positive but i think she wrote that song for him cause i think he cheated.
15 Dec 06
I ove that song too but i am already tired of it because i had it way before it was out officially!!! yah but it's a great song, now where doy ou get your information, they haven't broken up at all, infact there was a rumour that they would be getting married last week or something, as part of Jay Z's birthday party, a whole secret affair, but no news came out of it so it may have happened but is still a secret!!! i like them together, i thinkt hey make a great couple and i don't understand why you would be happy that they broke up. i think he has been very patient and understanding, all the times she wanted to keep things a secret and how she wanted to get on with her solo career. i think Jay Z is great, what has he ever done wrong, he is successful and cute, he has a lot of his own money and can afford to look after her if she ever stopped singing!!!! Who could be better than him?