Do you think about the universe and our solar system?

United States
December 13, 2006 11:25pm CST
The universe is such an infinitely large place, our brains cannot comprehend its size. Our solar system, which consists of the Sun, Earth, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Venus, Mercury and the Earth's Moon (and the many moons of other planets!), is considerably large on its own. I just recently learned that if you wanted to go to Saturn and tried to land on it, you couldn't - Saturn is not a planet like Earth. It is just a dense field of gases! Do you ever think about other planets and what they might be like? Do you like to pay attention to astronomy and studies of other planets?
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@plumwish07 (4059)
• Indonesia
16 Dec 06
i like to see and think universe from book or just from discovery channel. But not in much attention and in specific study about it coz it will need more time to do that :)
• India
20 Dec 06
Venus - Venus (0.7 AU) is of comparable mass to the Earth (0.815 Earth masses), and, like Earth, possesses a thick silicate mantle around an iron core, as well as a substantial atmosphere and evidence of internal geological activity, such as volcanoes. However, it is much drier than Earth and its atmosphere is 90 times as dense. Venus has no natural satellite. It is the hottest planet, with surface temperatures over 400 °C, most likely due to the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Although no definitive evidence of current geological activity has yet been detected on Venus, its substantial atmosphere and lack of a magnetic field to protect it from depletion by the solar wind suggest that it must be regularly replenished by volcanic eruptions.
But Solar system itself very interesting subject. Many of our fantasies were made to picturisation due to this interest. Many of the Hollywood movies based on solar system only. Among these, imaginary voyages to and explorations of Earth's Moon are found in seventeenth century literature. More of Indian Marriages were linked to the placements of planets and positions. It is very very Interesting subject one has to spend more time as our friend told.
• United States
29 Dec 06
I think the universe is fascinating! I can't think about it for too long though because there's just too much going on out there and my mind gets overwhelmed just thinking about it! I also think that anyone who thinks we are the only life forms in the entire universe is crazy!
@Argonaut (260)
• United States
24 Dec 06
I have always been enthralled by the solar system and the universe. When I was a kid I couldn't get enough of the moon landings and such. I even joined a club that sent me authentic Apollo Mission patches and posters and stuff.
• United States
27 Dec 06
I was really into the space stuff when I was a kid as well. I still have a book my Dad got me at the Smithsonian - The Space Shuttle Operators Manual.
@utsadetti (4589)
• United States
2 Jan 07
yeah, sometimes, but i don't think it too seriously. I just think how the universe become so big and no limit? Who owns all of this?
@padhukr (2267)
• India
28 Dec 06
no idea.
• India
27 Dec 06
yes, of course. I always had a great liking towards the study of astoronomy