Will you tell a friend that you suspect her husband is cheating on her?

December 13, 2006 11:47pm CST
My Japanese friend, who is also my neighbour, brought her children back to her homeland for three months to treat her son's medical problem. I soon discovered that her lawyer husband brought home a lady who would on and off spend her night there. They were secretive and all the blinds would be drawn whenever she was there. The husband appeared caring towards his wife and kids upon their return from Japan recently. I'm at a dilema as to whether I should keep this a secret forever? What's your opinion?
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• Philippines
14 Dec 06
in my opinion, yes, i would tell her because she deserves to know the truth. it's better that she knows from you, her friend, than from anybody else. it's no good at all for her and her son that her husband is cheating! if you don't tell her, it's like saying that you're tolerating her husband's unfaithfullness which is totally wrong!
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• Singapore
14 Dec 06
Yeah, you're right. Guess I've to find a right time to break it to her because she's already quite stressed out by her son's problem (autism). Meanwhile I hope to get more opinion to confirm this decision.