How much Childrens do you prefer to have and why ?

December 13, 2006 11:56pm CST
I myself prefer to have Only One child coz i find more good than having two or threee. coz there are a lots of chance of brothers or sisters fighting with each others for money and all .. and if we have two childs we might always go for one and it might create a hate in the mind of the other child .. and it may lead to big probs ..
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@Poison_Girl (4163)
• United States
14 Dec 06
I don't want any kids. Why? Well, I have many reasons, but I'll only list a few. They're too expensive to take care of, I don't have the patience, I'm not that fond of children, you get NO peace and quiet EVER, no time to yourself, there's the whole inability to come and go as one pleases, they're too stressful, and I'm just keeping the population down. Need I go on? Nah, I think I listed enough reasons. There's also the reasons you listed.
• India
14 Dec 06
But If ur parents were like u .. u wudnt have been here to post responses !! ISnt that a Gud Q ?? Take Care and God Bless !! Change that attitude !