Fast Lane or Passing Lane

@ardnas69 (174)
United States
December 14, 2006 1:21am CST
One of the great debates of driving is why do people drive slow in the fast lane? This can be very irratating and cause a bit of road rage. I will admit that I am guilty of not always obeying the speed limit,my foot does tend to get a little on the heavy side sometimes. But no matter how heavy it gets,there will always be someone else that will pass me. I am mainly speaking of driving on interstates and major highways ,of course where there is alot of traffic. But here is the deal. There is no fast lane. Why do people think this way? I have never seen a highway or road anywhere that the speed limit was different for each lane. Now, I understand there may be places that may have truck lanes and may have reduced speeds, but this is just a general type thing. So ,why do people think its ok to drive so fast in the left lane?
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• India
14 Dec 06
i love to go through the fast lane. and how about u