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@cybver42 (194)
December 14, 2006 3:14am CST
let your joke be read share it here to let other read it.
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@nihit122 (314)
• India
1 Jan 07
wo guys are sitting at a bar. After a bunch of drinks over several hours, one guy hiccups, drops his head down to his chest, pushes himself away from the bar, and proceeds to hurl all over himself. Wiping his mouth off on his shirtsleeve, he says, "Man, I gotta go home. I'm already two hours late, and now I've thrown up all over myself. My wife is gonna kill me. The second guy turns to the first and says, "Naw she won't. Listen, you got twenty bucks?" The first says, "Yeah, why?" The second drunk says, "Take the twenty and put it in your front pocket. When you get home and your wife asks what happened, you tell her some guy threw up on your shirt and he gave you twenty bucks for the dry cleaning. I do it all the time." The first guy says, "Great idea! Let's have another round", and the two continued to drink for the next couple of hours. Eventually they head home. Sure enough, the first guy’s wife is waiting up for him. As he walks through the door, she takes a look at him and says, "Look at you! You're pathetic!! You're five hours late, drunk as a skunk, and you've got dried puke all over the front of you! What have you got to say for yourself ?!?" He says, "Wait honey, listen for a second. This drunken guy threw up on me and gave me twenty bucks to get my shirt dry cleaned, I swear. Check my front pocket." She reaches in and pulls out the money. She says, "Wait there's 40 bucks in here!" He says, "Oh yeah, he crapped in my pants too!!"
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@ricky1209 (1677)
• India
25 Dec 06
Standards are such that even the terrorists are afraid to fly with us! It is with pleasure that I announce that starting this year over 50 of our passengers have reached their destination. For the ones that don't quite make it, our staff have all the requisite experience for consoling the next-of-kin. Our stewardess, Anjali, will be happy to brief you on our out-of-court settlement policy
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@nkdreddy (193)
• India
14 Dec 06
i posted many jokes see there in my discussions i have posted here are some of jokes for you.. How was I out? Batsman: "How was I out?" Umpire: "Why don’t you look in the paper tomorrow?" Batsman: "You look, I’m the editor!"
@cybver42 (194)
• Philippines
15 Dec 06
ok i look for that