please give answer to this problem?

December 14, 2006 4:13am CST
one of my friend asked me one suggession. she has 5 friends. all of them are are loving her too much? if she didn't talk to them one day they are thinking she is not giving preferrence to me and they are thinking thinking about that oonly thing throught out that day. they cannot concentrate on any thing that day. in those of 3 friends proposed her. but they are not forcing her. she accepted one friend love. because he attempted to suicide. her parents also agreed because their cast is same. the main problem is my friend write two names on slips and asked the god who is correct to me. god give the response through those slips unexpectedly other person. so she asked me what should i do? i cant give her answer because i belive god. if anyone give one suggession i will tell to that suggession to my friend.
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