I have a piece of equipment

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December 14, 2006 8:07am CST
I have A piece of equipment called a corner chair, that is supposed to help a child learn to sit. My son can not use it because he doesn't have very good trunk control. I would likt to donate it to an organization or a family with a child with special needs. Does anyone know of a good place to donate it to?
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@Thoroughrob (11750)
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14 Dec 06
Take it to your local MRDD in your county. They should know someone that could use it. Do you have Early intervention? They may be able to use it also. Your child's Dr. might know someone that could use it. I think I would check with the Dr. first. They would might know someone that really needs it and can't get it.
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15 Dec 06
He got it through EI. And they said they can't take it back.
@ashumit02 (819)
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31 Jan 07
Like to donate.very good.I think there are many places where you can donate this chair so that other can be benefited from this.Some of the places where is can donate that chairs are:- 1.A nearby neighbour,who have anykids in there home and they want to know how they can do that.The chair you can give them as a present for that child.This make you also more familier to them also gives you the pleasure to donate. 2.Your home maid who have kids,which she wants to teach or if you like then.This is the best donation for that kid toward you.I think that maid also praises you for your this help. 3.You can donate that chair to near by hospital society in which the hospital adminstration will arrange that chair for incoming kids.This way that single chair can be benefited for many kids. 4.And lastly you can donate that chair to nearby organisation which cares for children.They can take this as donation towards the people and in this way chair is used by the kids.
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18 Dec 06
You might want to donate it to providers in your area---Where did your son get his therapy? Do they take donations? Service providers are likely to come across new kiddos with similiar needs and they could pass the equipment on. Sometimes Easter Seals, United Cerebral Palsy Associations, ARCs, or similiar agencies would accept the donation or you could post a picture of the equipment at those places for some family to contact you personally. Maybe even ebay might be possible---but you might have to ship it? One other thought is sometimes there are regional educational support centers for special educations--these are state wide---so check if your state has a regional special education support center---