imp news 4 bhangra

December 14, 2006 8:21am CST
IMPORTANT NEWS FOR ALL BHANGRA ARTISTS!! YO LISTEN UP PEEPZ!! This is an official news for all bhangra artists, for this years 2006 SUMMER MELAY council have allocated huge budgets for all local mela committees therefore all the artist must charge their full rate with out hesitating for f**k sake don't fall for the publicity think about it every year you may have been doing all these melay but the promoter always paid you peanuts they are taking the piss big time artist always underestimate him self perhaps they don't understand the value how valuable they are and these promoters cannot run the show with out them now look let me give you another example all club promoters they also doing the same thing they just get one big name like jazzy who they gonna pay him his full wak and get other millions artists to make their gig successful and wot they are getting f**king PEANUTS + MONKEYS!!!! come on people open your eyes stop keep making these same mistakes again and again by underestimating your selves and keep falling for the publicity remember one thing if you drop your rate from day one then you will stuck to the same rate for the rest of your life.
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