Winter Blahs

December 14, 2006 8:37am CST
I've been wondering how you would detect the winter blahs in one's self? I've been feeling pretty tired and I'm not sure if this is indeed what they call the winter blahs. What are the symptoms? Does anyone know?
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• United States
11 Jan 07
I get them every year because our winters last too long for me and it gets dark so early. I get cranky, feel down some days, lethargic or not in the mood to do much...there's probably a long list of things that could be related to the winter blahs. Techinically, if it continued for awhile and the symptoms didn't go away, it could be Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is really a big word for a good case of the winter blahs. I try to make plans to do things more even just to get out of the house for something fun. They also say to increase light exposure.
@vronron (83)
• Canada
14 Dec 06
I don't know if there are any actual symptoms. People are affected in different ways. Personally I get tired and find it really hard to wake up in the morning. As well I am usually pretty cranky and grouchy a lot of the time. Sometimes people feel depressed a lot and emotional. I find I usually know that its winter blahs when I'm grouchy without reason, or cry without reason. It only happens around this time of the year.