I need your prayers. Please read this.

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December 14, 2006 11:34am CST
An ezine I belong to has sent this message. The author of the ezine's neice was in a very bad accident on Tuesday, 12/12/06 and desperately needs our prayers. Please read the following: White Fields Ezine Special Request 12/14/06 To my readers: From Greg Nichols A few days ago, I was at my desk at work and my young nephew called me and was distraught, as his wife, my niece, and his baby were in a car accident. My niece, Rachel, was pinned in the car, and had to be removed by emergency personnel. I got to the scene to comfort my nephew in law, and was shocked when I saw the crumpled car, a Dodge Neon. This happened a half mile from their new home. Rachel is in a tough place, and also her husband and folks, my brother and sister in law. We'd like all of you that will, to pray for Rachel, the baby Katelynn, and the dad, Dave, and Ray and Jean, my brother and his wife. (they are in this ezine also) The doctors say Rachel is in danger now of infection, and have concerns about her ability to walk normally due to a crushed pelvis and hip. They will be doing a 10-12 hour reconstructive surgery soon to rebuild them, but must wait on that, for this current problem to clear up. In the mean time, her bones cannot be set. We have many churches all over the country praying, and our prayers and faith are set for a full restoration, and that what Satan has meant for evil, God can turn to the good for this family. I'd like to think of you readers as family, since you are the Body of Christ, and there is power in your prayers. Also, this request is going to readers around the world. If any of you wish to send a thought or a brief inspiration to Dave, Ray and Jean, please do so to my email address below and I will get it to them. Thank you, Greg Nichols mfn1@comcast.net Below is the latest report from my sister in law, Jean, who is the mom and grandma. Hi everyone. Just in case you haven't heard, Rachel & Katelynn were in a car accident on Tuesday, Dec. 12th. Just wanted to give you an update - Katelynn, Rachel & Dave's 2-month old daughter, may be coming home Thursday. We found out that she sustained a very small skull fracture, which caused a small bit of blood on the brain. The hospital kept her overnight for observation. The neurosurgeon said that she will not need surgery, there is no swelling in her brain. She has not had anything to eat since yesterday before the accident. The doctor gave the nurse instructions to start giving Katelynn Pedialyte every two hours. If she keeps that down, in the morning she will be given formula. If she keeps that down, she will be released tomorrow. Katelynn will be staying with us while Rachel is in the hospital and while she is recuperating. Rachel is more serious. Rachel has a broken collarbone, fractured sternum, broken ribs, broken wrist and shattered pelvis. Last night the doctors didn't think she had any internal bleeding. However, her abdomen was swelling and the doctors/nurses didn't like that. This morning they decided that Rachel might have a hole in her intestine. They performed surgery and found that she had a tear in her colon and the waste was going into her abdomen. The surgeon had to clean out her abdomen and sew up her colon. They left the surgery area open so they could continue to clean the area. They have her on big doses of antibiotics so that she does not develop Peritonitis (poison), which could be very dangerous. They will not perform pelvic surgery until they are sure that there is no infection from the abdomen. Please continue to pray for Rachel and Katelynn. God is the healer. We know that both are healed by the blood. Thank you all for your prayers and for coming to the hospital to support us. We love you all very much. Thanks. Jean WF MIN/MFN 1100 Melody Lane #133 Roseville California 95678 United States
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