@dip_cool (411)
December 14, 2006 11:48am CST
Yes i have been looted on the 1st November 2006..........Heres the story.... Me and some guys planned to visit Chandannagore,a small city about 60 kms from Kolakata,India which is famous for its Jagadhatri Puja.But like all plans all the guys backed out and at las me and only one guy called Gullu was ready for the trip and we decided to make the trip on my scooter.So got my scooter checked and after some work on it we left for Chandannagore at about 5.15pm on 1st November.The road was ok but my scooter's headlight was really low so i had to drive at a low speed of about 40km/hr all the way as the highway and the G.T road was all dark and some pathces of it was bad too.After a few breaks of tea and cigarettes we reached there at about 7.45 pm,parked my scooter at a parking and began walking. It was really crowded,almost double than the crowd at Kolkata during its Durga Puja.So after visiting a few pandals which were really huge and really good we were frustrated and we headed towards the Ganga river to take rest. As we were sitting on the bench three fellow came and sat beside us and started chatting with us .We chatted for some time,had water and biscuits together and started playing cards.Then one of them asked one of thei fellows to bring some cold drinks for all of us.The fellow returned with 'Frooti' and gave me and Gullu one bottle to drink and they drank form another two bottle.Gullu had only one gulp of it and i drank the rest.After five mins i felt something wrong in my head.....and then black-out. After that when i returned to my senses i was just coming out from the ICU of a nursing home.I was admitted there till 3rd November.Well my money which was about 140 bucks and my mobile was gone and Gullu who had only 10 bucks on him was gone.Gullu in the meantime was admitted in another hospital. Well what had happened was heard from my father and 2-3 of my friends.The police had found me wandering in a confused state in the morning and i somehow managed to give the mobile numbers of my father and 1-2 other numbers.Gullu on the other hand gave the number of one of his friends.And i had wandered a long way away from gullu who fell aslepp at the Ganga ghat itself.So my father and some friends went there and brought us back to Kolkata and got us admitted in hospitals.I was in a trance for almost another2-3 days after discharge from the nursing home.And i had no memory of the incidents that happened after i had the 'Frooti'.
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