Got Milk? - Got Milk?
United States
December 14, 2006 12:11pm CST
Do you like to drink milk?I would go through a gallon a day if my mom or fiance would let me!:) I like skim milk but my fiance likes whole milk, so we usually just compromise and either get a gallon of 2%, or two 1/2 gallons, one for him and one for me. Do you drink milk out of the carton? I do when it's just my half gallon, I think it tastes better straight out of the carton, instead of in a glass, but my fiance won't let me drink out of the carton if he's sharing the milk, he says it breeds germs. What's your favorite kind of milk, if you drink it? Skim, 2%, whole, goat's milk, soy, etc???
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