When You Get angry

@kaunter (154)
December 14, 2006 12:50pm CST
What do You do when You get angry?Fortunately Im a peacful guy and I dont get angry much.But sometimes everyone gets angry at someone or something.Some people jst start a fight with that guy they mad at.I think its not right thing to do(unless he really deserves it).What do You do when You get angry?How do You make yourself calm down?
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@sweet_pea (3326)
• Philippines
2 May 11
When I am angry I try to keep my mouth shut. I realized that when I am angry I tend to say hurtful words that I usually regret afterwards. I try to be alone for awhile to suppress this intense feeling I am having and take deep breaths. I try to calm myself for when I am calm I can think more rational and not let my feelings get over me. My husband often tells me that when I say something as if I am always angry. I always say words in a very defensive manner and sometimes raise my voice to get my point. I say to him that’s just the way I speak. Anyway, I said to him that whenever I get angry all you need to do to pacify me is hug me. Hugging usually works for me to melt my anger.
@bethack52 (407)
• United States
14 Dec 06
Well i tend to yell at people or about things i would not normally yell at but nothing to bad i jsut need to be told to chill out somethimes, now i do have thoughts when people do stupid things of reacting in not so good ways but just thoughts! I would never hurt anyone and its not to often these things happen!