1989 Chevy S10 problems

United States
December 14, 2006 5:09pm CST
Hi, I have a problem with my 1989 Chevy S10 Tahoe not starting or starting randomly and even stalling sometimes while driving. When I'm driving it sometimes stalls and I press the gas pedal so it won't turn off but it sort of lacks gas or something cause it won't respond right away after I press the gas pedal. I had a friend check it out and he replaced the TPS or throttle position sensor I think is what it was and it would run real good. So after about 2 days it started doing the same thing. So he checked it out again and plugged some sort of small pipe that was exposed near the bottom right front part of the Intake and it would run again for about a day this time. So after that, I unplugged a pipe running from the intake to the brake system thing ( it's a big donut looking thing that's positioned behind the brake fluid deposit, I think they told me it was called the brake booster system or something like that ). So I unplugged it at the brake system end and it would turn on and run OK, not so well it would still stall at times, also the brake pedal was hard to depress. So I was just wondering what your thoughts were on this situation as I'm desperate to get this truck running. Many thanks in advance.
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