Online Capital Update: the minimum deposit is $30

@aqhlok (69)
December 14, 2006 6:17pm CST
I received a letter from Online Captital yesterday. Please take a moment to read our latest update as we hope this information will be helpful (Version: English; charset: UTF-8) Hello Ray,I want to ask you to elaborate on the specific functions of your program. You member's are a little complicated. Sure, no problem. We do understand that, however one has to find a perfect balance between functionality and usability. I guess we're still getting there. On the whole, it's rather intuitive. Once you get the hang of it - it'll be much easier to use. But surely, we're open to suggestions and comments. We have already implemented several features, which were necessary for our members. Ok, the first question is: Can I re-deposit my interest into the account automatically? If so how can this be done?It works this way. Once you withdraw part of your earned profit the remaining amount is reinvested and you begin to earn interest like on a new deposit. This is done to increase your earnings. Very convenient, I must say. Can I withdraw my deposited amount and interest? No. You may withdraw your interest only. The reason for this is obvious. Once you deposit your funds, our traders start working with it. Therefore, your money is already invested in the FOREX market. Is there a minimum balance that should be in the account at all times?At present, the minimum balance is $30. However, we would like you to take notice of the fact, that the term "minimum deposit" was engaged on November 22, 2006. Therefore, at the moment, the minimum account balance is $30. So the minimum deposit is also $30?Yes, you're quite right. How do I change the investment type, for example change the investment from daily to monthly? We're sorry, but these kind of operations are forbidden. The interest is accumulated on each of your deposits separately. If you deposited all of your funds in a daily plan, it won't be possible to later change the plan to monthly. Please, also keep in mind that your funds are being transferred to the trading pools, where they are being invested. Hence the lack of flexibility of changing account types. Can I transfer funds to an International Bank, example a Bank located in Jamaica?Sure. We can transfer your funds to any bank in any country. Are there any guarantees on my deposit? Please understand that dealing with financial operations on the markets involves certain risk. Therefore we can only guarantee your initial deposit, not the interest gained. We do use several risk management strategies, analysis software and most importantly the experience of our traders. We're ready for any challenges we might face dealing with the market. After making a deposit, how long does it last (how long do you pay interest on it)? The so called deposit lifetime is 12 months. This period is enough for your funds to generate profit, and for us to understand that you are a serious investor and you would stay with us after that. After 12 months, you can withdraw your initial deposit. What is the difference between your "Daily" and "Monthly" Plan? The only difference is that in a Daily plan you can withdraw at any time, while in a Monthly plan only after 30 days. Hence, the "Monthly" Plan provides us the most flexibility with your funds. Hence we can generate more profit of it and therefore the interest rate is higher. How long have you been in operation?We have launched recently - and once again, we're being true to people out there. We're not hiding it. Most of the programs claim that they have been in business ever since heavens knows when. The official launch date is November 6, 2006. You can use various site to verify this information (, for example). Who are the principals of the company?Due to a strict company policy, internal information is available only on personal meetings. We don't want our competitors abusing this information. Do you have any track record of performance?Of course, our traders log data on a periodical basis. If you wish to receive such data, please send a request to Do you have any references that you can forward to me?We're sorry, but we have an NDA signed with all of our partners. Hence, we can't disclose any information to third parties. You can obtain some information from various forums. Please contact us at for business references. Are you endorsed by any of the HYIP Internet watchdog organizations?Not at the moment. We might be being overly cautious about such organizations. However, we will consider any proposal from the abovementioned organization for our company's status verification. Any information you can provide me to do proper due diligence would be greatly appreciated. It depends on what kind of information you need. Some people just ask for copies of registration documents and they're happy with that. The ones who are familiar with the FOREX market, request trading logs for us, so that they could verify on real trades taking place. Please send your requests along with your Letter of Intent to How many members do you have so far?At the moment - 22,848 and counting. How many employees does your company have?Currently, we employ 31 people. Although we're already discussing the fact, that we need more man-power. If you think you can be an asset to our organization you can contact Vince about the position in the company. Are you planning to open foreign offices in other countries such as Switzerland or Cyprus?We will open an office in Canada very soon. Are you planning to get a mutual fund license in Austria?No, for certain reasons we believe that Denmark is a better place for this kind of activity. Are you planning to get a banking license in Austria? I think I've already answered that question. We are planning to get all the required licenses in Denmark. Are you planning to launch a debit card program?Yes, in fact year 2007 is going to bring lots of positive changes to our company and the program. I'm sure all of our members won't be disappointed -- Cordially yours,Online Capital Support Support: Tel: +43 19280081 Fax: +43 19280079
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