Has anyone else see hear no evil see no evil

@stailgate (2363)
United States
December 14, 2006 6:34pm CST
I think this is such a funny movie!! I watched it a long time ago when I was little with my dad, and I was talking about it with my husband and he has no idea what I am talking about. Have you seen it and what do you think of it?
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18 Feb 10
I've seen it and remember I use to enjoy it. But now days I prefer Wilder and Pryor in "Stir Crazy". It's probably because I watched "See no evil, Hear no evil" and it wasn't as much fun as I remembered and the gags around being blind and deaf being a bit repetitive.
16 Aug 07
God i love this movie!!! Its hilarious! Richard Pryor was a comedian legend! R.I.P. Favourite part of all time in the movie has to be where he sticks the ice cream cone on Gene's head and says 'I bet you feel stupid now', classic viewing!
@pvleroux (607)
15 Dec 06
No I have not seen it yet but by the sound of it, it sounds great. Maybe I should get it, I love movies. Will my kids enjoy them?