Does the word "Cute" have a bad rap?

@mandakat (879)
December 14, 2006 8:27pm CST
I hear all the time that many girls get offended when they're complimented as being "cute" but I never am. I think it's because I can see how it works with pretty and beautiful to make someone who's also entertaining, maybe funny or fun to be around... who has a little something extra that translates in their looks too. A lot of the women I look at in the media that I "want to be like" I would say are also cute. So, is this something women are too sensitive about? Do guys really mean something besides what women THINK they mean, or is it really a euphemism for "I like how you look, but only AFTER I got to know you..."?
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@pvleroux (607)
15 Dec 06
Depends in what context you use the word and if it is used by someone you already know. It can go both ways, bad and good I suppose?