Wait- They said WHAT now?!

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December 14, 2006 10:19pm CST
There are moments in life when people say things that make you do a double-take. Some of them are funny, others are sad, or just down right confusing. Ecspecially when it comes to events that really happened. I told this story to someone, and I decided hey, it would make a good discussion. Lets see how many other people have friends like this one floating around. The following is a TRUE story, I kid you not... My mother and I were sitting on the porch, when a friend of the family and her boyfriend dropped in. They were talking about what they did last night. Apparently, they had finally sat down together to watch the movie "Titanic". Now, everyone knows all about the Titanic right? The movie was based on the ship, the real story. This girl turns, looks to me and my mother and says... " Well we were watching the movie, and then Dave had to ruin it by telling me the ship sinks at the end and almost everyone dies! " At first we thought she was joking, I looked at my Mother, then up at Dave. He shook his head, I looked back down at the girl, and she had the most serious, distraught look on her face that I've ever seen. She was so serious! I couldn't help it, I burst out laughing, and then my Mother did as well. And at the same time, we both told her. " Hun, you really need to know more about the world around you. That Blockbuster movie was based on the real ship the Titanic, and it really did hit an iceberg and sink, and most of the people did die. " She looked at us and goes: " Oh my god, why wasn't that in the news?!? " I was laughing so hard at this point, I had to walk away for fear of peeing myself.
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18 Jan 07
I still laugh my butt off everytime I think of that. =) too funny