Christianity debate...

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December 15, 2006 12:20am CST
What do you think is the main reason why so many people are conned into believeing in a totally unfounded, ridiculous disinformation. Why do they believe in a 2,000 year old book full of atrocities and hyperbole? I think why so many choose to believe in an invisible, omnipotent is that they are brainwashed when they are young, hence they take these teachings as fact. I'd say to gather millions of followers, willing to do anything to please their imaginary friend, or secure a place in a fictional sky pagoda, Christianity NEEDS a villan. And they made Satan into one. Christiany thrives on the idea of a place of eternal torment. If it weren't for hell, I believe Christiany would vanish quickly. One needs to be threatened with eternal damnation and suffering, you must have a punishment for NOT choosing their diety. If not, what would you stand to lose from disbelieving? What's more desirable in life, being honest with yourself or tailgating the rest of the herd like a mindless, obedient sheep knowing full well what they believe is in question?
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