what is ur fevorite book..

@satyamss (870)
December 15, 2006 12:22am CST
i read a lota books....but "the alchemist is my fevorite book"
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@asteroid8 (916)
• Italy
15 Dec 06
My favourite book is Eragon, by Christopher Paolini. He's a very young writer, but he writes very good, I think.
• India
15 Dec 06
Recently I have read a Marathi(local langauge)book " MANTRA SHRIMANTICHA"(Formula to become a wealthy personality)written by Shyam Bhurke. A beautiful book for a person wishing to do business. Author has explained with examples, How a ordinary student starting from zero,with systematic step by step progress became a rich person. A real guide,booster,Key for success whatever you may call it.
@padhukr (2267)
• India
15 Dec 06
also my favorite books.
@mturker (174)
• Israel
15 Dec 06
That's hard. Maybe the Otherland series by Tad Williams (City of golden shadow is the first in the series) What else do you like to read ? Do you trade books online ?