what is the main concept of the game named"Age o empires"?

December 15, 2006 1:07am CST
plz post ur replies on the main concept which is to be understood before starting the game.? describe in detail? any type ofposts are accpeted.
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4 Jun 07
Mostly ppl have answered your queries, I will add my spl points. 1.the idea of the game is to rule over your resources like a king would gaurd his kingdom, and use it well to win over rivals. that is the main theme. As for the details, you have to do it for yourself, once you start playing the game, it is pretty intuitive and you can see for yourself. Happy gaming yours friendly Heartwalker
@agefreak (29)
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21 Dec 06
Age of Empires is a real time strategy (RTS) game. This means that you're supposed to use units in the game, issue them various orders and interact with other users and units all at a constant pace of time, as others do it. Basically, the goal is to lead a civilization you pick to eternal glory. You have a variety of civs to choose from... deepending upon the version you're playing, of course.... you choose a civ, select a game type and start off.... You need to use villagers to gather resources like Food, wood etc for your civ to grow and advance. You need to build various housing, economic and military buildings..... and your ultimante goal should be total dominance, in your preferred victory condition.... For example, in a conquest game, you need to amass a military strenght that is capable of annihilating your opponents....
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21 Dec 06
aoe - age of empires sharpens ur brain..

dont belive play urself and check it out..

and btw enjoy the game.
Dude the main concept is just to enjoy the game... what are games for to enjoy and be happy.. but there are some uses with aoe.. it is a stratgey game ... when we are playing a big match with 6 on 6 players we need a lot of stratgey to collect items and also attack.. this will make our brains sharper... hope ur brains become more sharper... hehehe.. just enjoy the game...
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21 Dec 06
aoe - aoe is a good strategy game..
in this game u r given a town center.from that town center u can generate villagers at the cost of 50 food.u have some resources in the starting as per ur game type.u then set villagers to gather food,cut the wood,,mine .once u get desired food,gold u can advance to next age provided u have built minimum 2 buildings that age.Also u need to defend ur town center from earky attacks.at castle age build castle,monastery.frm monastery take out monks to collect 5 relics on the map.relics generate gold automatically once placed inside monastery.now advance to imperial and upgrade ur army thru blacksmith..All set to fight. All the best.
@sreedhar (576)
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15 Dec 06
The main concept is tath you have to defeat your opponent, which i think is the same thing done by many people nowadays very successfuly. You will have to gather as many resources as possible faster than ur opponent and try to defeat him by creating armies