" God Help the Outcasts "

United States
December 15, 2006 1:42am CST
First I would like to say that I am not a Christian, but when I listen to this song. It always touches me. It's from the Disney movie " Hunchback of Notredame " and it's sung by Bette Midler. For some reason, when I listen to this song, it really hits home with everything I've heard in the media recently. How the rich are getting richer, the poor are starving to death. In times like this, the only place one can really turn is towards their religion. And while I do not have a set religion at the moment, for personal reasons. I just wanted to share this song with everyone, because I think that it may be able to touch a few other hearts here as well. Have you stumbled upon other discoveries of your own lately? Songs, Poems, or even your own random thoughts on how things are turning out in the world. It seems that as of late, the most innocent, and harmless of thoughts hurt, or offend someone... How are we to deal with this, and with one another. Most people are having such a rough year, they're all stressed out, and in restrospect they're taking their anger out on people who don't deserve the harsh words. I don't know if You can hear me Or if You're even there I don't know if You would listen To a gypsy's prayer Yes, I know I'm just an outcast I shouldn't speak to you Still I see Your face and wonder Were You once an outcast too? God help the outcasts Hungry from birth Show them the mercy They don't find on earth The lost and forgotten They look to you still God help the outcasts Or nobody will I ask for nothing I can get by But I know so many Less lucky than I God help the outcasts The poor and downtrod I thought we all were The children of God I don't know if there's a reason Why some are blessed, some not Why the few You seem to favor They fear usFlee us Try not to see us God help the outcasts The tattered, the torn Seeking an answer To why they were born Winds of misfortune Have blown them about You made the outcasts Don't cast them out The poor and unlucky The weak and the odd I thought they all were The children of God
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