Tip And Trick to Be Slim

@mr_ilham (1611)
December 15, 2006 1:57am CST
I know where you're coming from,and I understand that...Here are some tips you might concider,and maybe some excercises,and stuff that you might want to try using... 1: Don't ever be ashamed of how you look,all that matters is that you love yourself for who you are,and if you take everyone elses thoughts,and opinions into your mind,then you may develop an Eating Disorder. 2:One way to help you lose weight,Is to call up A freind,and ask to go walking,or to A Gym with to workout,Having some support is usually A good encouragement for losing some weight.. 3:Only do what you can to try,and lose weight,don't overdo it..It will only make it worse,and could lead to even more health issues.. 4:You may want to keep A diary,or A journal log,Of what you eat,and how many carlories that the product has it in it...Because 3500 calories...Equal one pound... Here are A few excercises that I find that help you lose weight... 1: Do some leg crunches...Where you slowly raise your legs straight up into the air..Not to slow,nor fast,Slow enough to feel the muscle in your stomach working,Hold your legs straight up for the time period you feel that you want to,and then slowly bring it back down,and do it as many times you want,This excercise works,Because when you are having to hold your legs up,It works your leg muscles,and it works your stomach muscles.. 2: Just A reguluar day of walking...Fomr 15 minute to an hour...But start off slow,You do not want to wind up hurting yourself,to the point to where you pass out.. 3:Drink plenty of water A day,Because water helps you to have A kidney movement,and it also helps you stay cleaned out,and Helps you lose weight,By cleaning out your body..Especially when you excercise so you do not dehydrate.. 4:You may want to experiment with some excercises of your own,and set A goal for yourself...And keep up with the progress you have made.. 5:If you feel hungry..But you know that you can't eat anything until when you have planned..Then drink some water..It helps fill you up.. 6: Before every meal have A glass or two of water,Because it will make you feel fuller,and will make you less hungry.. 7:A reminder is even though you may think you should lose weight fast,With the excercises you do,and watching your calories,You may,or may not...So do not get discouraged,It takes time..You don't want to over do your body with weight loss.. 8:One thing that may help,that is besides excercise,Is to eat 5 meals A day,But small ones... 9:Running,Walking,Going upstairs,Going down stairs...Or just any other excercise will help you... 10:If you feel like you need to then get Hydroxy cut...I have been using Hydroxy cut,and have lost 2-3 pounds in the past two days that I have been on it. But one important thing that you must always keep in mind with yourself,That no matter what,You're A beautiful person,Looks,and weight are not everything...The only thing that matters is your personality,and how you feel yourself,So just think positive of yourself,and if anyone calls you fat,Or anything,Just ignore them,and move on...It does not matter what you think,Only what you think,and keeping A positive attitude about your weight,Will make you more happy,Because If you overdo anything,and take to what people say,It will only make things worse,And may strss you out,To the point of where you are so disgusted,that you develop an Eating Disorder...And no one needs to go through an Eating Disorder...It only hurts them...More than it helps...I know what it was like...My father...Weight almost 500 pounds,When he become Anorexic/Bulmic....He drained all of the minerals,and supplies that his body needed,and had to be hospitlized several times...And now...He has no weight after losing more than 250 pounds in almost A year,and A half....And is on the verge of dying,and has to be hospitilized,and I do not want to see,or know that anyone else would have to got through that,and if you need any comfort,or help...All you have to do is message me,and remember no matter what it's the inner beauty that counts,Not the outer...So just follow your own heart..
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@marciascott (25554)
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15 Dec 06
Wild, You get 5.00 for that one LOL. and a + That's alot of information I will keep some of that in mind. Drinking water is definaly good to clean out your system and It will fill you up so you eat less, that's a fact. and 3500 calories do equal a pound. I will keep all that in mind. and I will keep a jornal. thank you.and I will start back walking.