Nano Sencitization Program

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@Bbilal (2000)
December 15, 2006 5:33am CST
Nano Science and Technology Consortium offers a program on nano sensitization. Is this authentic. They say it is a 6 month program. Is 6 month enough for getting a hang of this inter-deciplinary field. I am a computer engineer working in the field of Business Intelligence. I am awestruck by the possibilities this new science/technology has to offer the world. I am really eager to know what the whole thing is about. So, guys out there do you have any suggestions as to where to start? I am currently reading a book called NanoStructures. I am also planning to read Eric Drexler's books after i finish the current one. Other than that, in order to have some solid background in this field I'm also planning on doing my Master's possibly even some research in this area. And, I'm from Virginia, US. Should I really have to do GRE? in order to get into some universities here? Would I get tution waiver if I get into them without GRE? I have lecturing experience for over an year and half in India. Would that help to get assistanship. I am on my own in this, so I have to take care of the financial part of it too. Hence, the worry about tution. I've seen some institutes here offer graduate certificate in this field, but they cost a lot of money and somehow, I want to study for the sake of learning more and doing research than, for getting employed in some hitech firm and accumulate great wealth. So, thats a long story. I am sure some might be going through the same too. Pour in your opinions...... It might definitely help, many!!
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