Is Halo 2 better than Halo one?

December 15, 2006 6:37am CST
I love playing Halo on my pc and I can't wait to get my hands on Halo 2. Unfortunately, it's only runs on xbox. So, can you give me your opinion about the game before I buy an xbox and Halo 2?
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@akosi63 (331)
• Philippines
15 Dec 06
What I know is that Halo2 is halo-halo, uhm yummy! hehe!
• Philippines
28 Dec 06
It is a Pc game made by Microsoft. It is very popular.
@akosi63 (331)
• Philippines
29 Dec 06
yeah I know.. ΓΌ just kiddin' haha! pre san ka satin?
@reaperz (1266)
• United States
8 Feb 07
Halo2 is better!! i heard that halo 3 is the same but just has better weapons...
@Catman72 (62)
• Canada
7 Feb 07
Halo 1/PC, in my opinion, have really great campaign levels, challenging, fun, campaign levels. Halo 2 has nice campaign levels too, Xbox Live with halo 2 is awesome, so many people play it currently, but I think Halo 2's campaign is just, too ... different. I'm not entirely sure, I think I just enjoyed halo 1 campaign more.
• United States
1 Jan 07
The game play for halo 2 is more fair. I hate getting spawn killed by a rocket in Halo 1 or the pistol that can hit me from across the map and kill me in 4 shots.