When Should Founders Leave A Business?

December 15, 2006 6:59am CST
In this world of rapid development, a research was carried out by professors of Harvad Busines school and it was identified that in some stages founders who propagate the vision for the business are expected to step down as CEO. Is it a good step to take? is it not contrary to the goals of enterpreneurship? when is it necessary for the founders to step down? these are the questions bothering me in the isssue of enterpreneurship. For example, how will MicroSoft cope if Bill Gate should TOTALY step down. How will other company that have risen as result of the vision of the founders cope when the board feels they are no longer capable to lead the company. well, does it depends on the choice the founder makes at the begining? It is being said "the greater the achievement of the founder when the business is growing the higher the tendency for the CEO to be replaced."
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