have you traced any family members or friends?

December 15, 2006 9:35am CST
hi everyone, well i am trying to trace my uncle in australia, and havent had much joy as of yet. what i would like to know is have you found any relatives or friends? if so how did you go about it? what are your tips for other people? was it expensive? so far i have found a few ways on the net but cost money for memberships but i dont need a 6month or year membership as i am only trying to find 1 person. and i dont feel comferterble paying for something i cant garentee will work did you come across problems if so like what? thanks for taking the time to read this.
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@Evacuee (1149)
13 Feb 07
Me again 'Missy' Heres another site to try. You will have to sign up and join the group. familysearchuk@yahoogroups.co.uk I know a week or so ago they were discussing people that were sent to Australia as convicts and many other items came up about Oz. too.
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13 Feb 07
thank you very much! i shal try straight away and keep you posted. i really do hope i find him