Do you think sleeping pills are harmful?

@saibal06 (2575)
December 15, 2006 9:45am CST
I have to take a sleeping pill, a type of anti-depressant, daily at bed time. i am doing for a pretty long time. However, some of my relatives say that it is harmful to have sleeping pill. I cant sleep without it.But I dont want me to be endangered.Can you tell me something which is authorititive? Please help me! (I asked doctors, they say that it will not harm)
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@IL2Knit (1141)
• United States
11 Jul 07
No son they will not hurt you. Do not let your family scare you. They just dont understand. I have taken sleeping pills for years and if I didn't take them I would never get rest. I understand how you feel. I have been there too. My mother doesn't like me taking them. But I'm 50 years old and I can make the desision for myself. You listen to your doctor. He wouldn't give them to you if you didn't need them. You take your pill and get some good rest. :)
@maebien (114)
• Singapore
15 Dec 06
When you get addicited to it it will be difficult for you to sleep when you will not take during bed time or your body will be resistant to it & you need to take a higher dosage than the usual you are taking. I am not a doctor but i know too much of something is bad enough. Try to sleep normally. When you feel sleepy, go to sleep. sometimes our brains just don't function well when we are upset,& too much excited. it doesn't matter how late you sleep or how early you sleep when you feel sleepy, you have to sleep coz if you will let it pass your brain starts working again.