As a Secretary, how you can manage your boss?

September 21, 2006 10:46am CST
It centres on those attributes which brings to the realization of achieving a set objective/goal both to the boss and the organisation as a whole. Such attributes has to deal with what we call symbiotic relationship. These include, human relations, skills, tolerance, patience and general positive attitude. You should establish a result-oriented working partnership with your boss. Develop or show a genuine interest in his job. Accept criticism gracefully- by trying not to argue with him but be willing to adapt to changes and create room for improvement.Understand his roles and make contributions. Understand his work challenges and see how you can assist him. Understand his goals and priorities. Manage his two diaries which are the master's diary which is the original and should be kept by you, while the slave diary which is like a flimsy to be kept by your boss.This is so because, he not remember to put down all vital appointments in the master diary. It is your duty as the secretary to do so. Manage his time, his paper work well and make sure his mails are his responsibility. With all these attributes, your boss will see you to be responsible and commited to your job.
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be the boss instead