Do you believe in Fate?

@kaunter (154)
December 15, 2006 11:08am CST
Do you believe in fate?If yes then who sets peoples destiny?God? Imagine this.´´You got a bad mark at school or had a bad day at work.Its friday and usually you would go to a party or something like that.But because of your bad day you just dont have the mood for that.You go straight home.On your way home you save a kids life who was about get die in a car accident.´´Is that fate or just a coincindece?Were you meant to have a bad day to save that kids life?Or then again.Lets say you are a murderer.You have killed someone.But what can you do about it when its your desiny to kill that person.Shouldnt you go to jail then?Cause you couldnt do anything about it.It was your fate to kill that person. I personally dont believe in destiny.I like to believe that i can make my own choices.
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