How do i get my husband to stop procrastinating! He totally drives me crazy....

United States
December 15, 2006 11:26am CST
You would think after all thse years he would learn! I swear i'm just going to recoed my voice and play it so i don't have to keep repeating myself. Why would it take someone 6 moths to put a shelp up? I know he said he's getting to it and i guess it's my fault for not asking "Does getting to it have a specific date?" I mean it took him 4 years to hang my flag pole outside and with the last storm 2 months ago he still hasn't put the brackets back up,i guess i could hang my christmas flag in July! My sons are getting to be the same way, i've talked and pleaded with him to stop that we have to set an example for the boys,that kids look up to their parents and will try to do the same. But you know what his answer is "Don't do as i do,do as i say!" So now the dirty socks and shirts sit on the floor,i won't pick them up. Does anyone else have the same problem and how did you fix it or him,please let me know!