December 15, 2006 12:03pm CST
I can't believe out of 45,648 people on this site, only 3 of us use pokerstars. Who else use pokerstars and whats your favorite game? Mine is Omaha hi/lo.
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• Canada
26 Mar 07
I am on this poker site as well...I have a few others too, my hubby likes PKR but I still wander back to pokerstars, guess thats just the one that I am comfortable with... Lots of folks there, and idiots for sure who are not really there to learn the game, just to piss folks off... I like Omaha, and Holdem the best...
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@baw2006 (34)
• United States
4 Sep 07
I like playing No Limit Hold'em. I've played in the razz tournament a couple of times and a few weeks ago I came in second. My boyfriend and I try the 7 pm No Limit Hold'em tournament always every night and we vow that one day we will eventually win it! But that will probably never happen considering all the river rats that are on the site too.
• United States
4 Dec 07
We call them the river hoes, but yeah, some people really don't know how to play cards!
• United States
8 Dec 07
I enjoy the limit games on PS. The morons you speak of that always river you in tournies tend to play just as badly on tables. Of course, they still frustrate me from time to time hitting their 2 outers, but that's why I play limit, lol. If I were to play NL, I'd probably end up shooting myself because of all the donktastic plays I see. But, if it weren't for the donks, we'd be left to fight each other and that wouldn't be as fun. I don't think I'd make any money playing poker if there weren't the amount of donks that there are. I play on all three US sites (I don't play Bodog because that's where Jamie Gold came from, whole 'nother subject there, lol), but I'd have to say that I agree with what was said above. Stars really does offer life changing money with their tournaments. Although less profitable, I've found the tournies at UB easier though. Lots less fish to have to swim through.
• United States
4 Dec 07
I love pokerstars. My husband and I found the site after not being able to use real money at party poker and paradise poker. We started out w/ $95 and we are now up over $500. We have also transferred some real money to freinds and family. I love to play texas hold em'! Real money games are awesome, you can make more money there than here. :)
@mturker (174)
• Israel
27 Mar 07
Have you guys tried ? It's a brand new site that's legal in the US, the poker game offered is a variation on TexasHold'Em that's a skill game instead of gambling, but you still play your normal Hold'Em at the table.
• United States
27 Mar 07
Pokerstars is definitely the king of online poker sites since Party abandoned the US market. Personally I play only tournaments there since its the only site that offers life changing prize pools. To learn the game though I went to my favorite site. It lets you play with play money and win real cash. No deposit, No risk, No reason not to read about it on my blog.