How To Improve English?

@Yusuke (330)
December 15, 2006 2:44pm CST
I mispelled english, but nevermind. how can we imporove it?you seee, i dont really care whether it is spelled right or wrong, but my first priority is TO GET MY POINT ACROSS. lets us share our knowledge and experience here. feel free to add anything, because my first tip is:- 1. type/write what is on your mind. type and type till you out of material/idea, and then you can check for any mistakes to correct. 2. if you can read, READ ALOUD. most people can read and write well, but dont have confident in conversation. try reading out loud sometimes. this is for people who thinks they couldn't converse well in english. number and capital letters make it easier in making a point. you can try...believe me ..
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• Philippines
15 Dec 06
yes sometimes i misspelled english words and even my grammars are not that good and worse i don't have confident in having conversation in english directly, that's why i hate reporting, interviews it's make my heart beat so fast and make me feel that any momment i can be unconscious.
@Yusuke (330)
• Malaysia
15 Dec 06
most people can read and write but dont have a confident in conversation .. some people , good in conversation but not good in writing..