learn japanese and chinese

@weehihi (132)
December 15, 2006 5:38pm CST
anybody here knows how to speak japanese and chinese here..teach me pls..onegaishimasu!! i knew a little of both but i need sum1 to talk to...i get rusty alrdy..hehehe ;p
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@grestips (155)
• China
20 Sep 07
hi friend,i am a chinese,and you? which country are you from?i think maybe i can help you to improve chinese,if you are interesting to make friends with me ,go ahead to add my MSN live chatting.my address is vickymj621@hotmail.com wait for you ,tks!
@weehihi (132)
• Philippines
1 Oct 07
hey there!! i'm 62% chinese and the rest, filipino with some spanish..i used to go to a chinese school here in the philippines bt that stopped when i changed school..so now, i only remmber and know a few words...that'll be great if we could chat sometime...okay i'll add you..im still setting up my msn here..i only have YM..but that's cool... see you then!! ^_^
@secretbear (19464)
• Philippines
18 Sep 07
konnichiwa weehihi-chan! namae wa secretbear desu. ^__^ oops. dont get your hopes too up. i dont really speak japanese nor chinese. but i go with you on wanting to learn them. im just so interested with those languages. ^__^ lemme guess, you're an otaku and a fan of chinovelas? ^__^ coz i am. and that's where i got my interest in learning these languages. i know a little of nihonggo, only simple words and phrases. i have a little book on learning japanese but its hard to learn them if its not taught personally. its hard to self-study. sometimes i try to study some words by just watching english-subbed animes. LOL well then, i hope we'll learn these languages in the future. ^__^ goodluck to both us! ki o tsukete ne. (i hope that means take care. LOL) ja ne.
@weehihi (132)
• Philippines
20 Sep 07
hahaha ohayo secretbear!! tadashii (means, right!)! im fond of watching animes, koreanovelas,chinovelas..i used to learn japanese with one of my friends before but now i get rusty already..i even get to memorize their alphabets...it's quite easy..but i cant read fast..hehehe especially one with kanji...anyway, i'm trying to relearn again...hehhe so i will be able to understand animes without reading the subtitles..hmmm you too..let's study again! maybe in the future we can write each other in japanese or chinese!! how bout korean???id like to learn that language too.. all i know are those simple words like sarranghe (ilavu), kamsahamnida/komao/komupta (tnx), ajussi, ajumma, etc etc..hehhehe so all i can say for us right now is GANBATTE KUDASAI!! ja!!
@nahtan (150)
• United States
9 Oct 07
You can join this site. There are many people here who can help you learn. http://myhappyplanet.com/register.php?refid=7ylkq58y I'm also learning Japanese and Chinese here and the people are very helpful and will help you practice.
@jiangli (363)
• China
7 Oct 07
??!I come from China!I have learned your response in my discussion.I wound like to help you in chinese(if I can haha!),while studying english from you !But it must be admitted that chinese is more difficult to learn than english.The speaking may be strange for you !so a personal teacher is necessary!
@KrauseHome (35514)
• United States
17 Sep 07
I have no idea how to speak either of these. These would be awesome languages though to know some of.
• India
31 Jan 07
any one teaches in India
@M4D31R4 (19)
• Portugal
15 Dec 06
OMG Its very confused :S