The girl's Asian self-esteem

December 15, 2006 6:09pm CST
Yesterday I sat idle in student the union with the friend of my white person from various nations, I the only one Asian. Chat there come here, to the end was proud of the girl from the country masing. My friend that France was proud of the French girl that good-looking. That from Italy and England gak wanted to lose, they every girl from their country was also good-looking. Yes I also did not want to lose, I every girl Indo beautiful dan cute. Continued we chatted concerning the self-esteem from the girl in their country. My friend from France to get French girl, moreover take a wife the French girl was not easy, you must be romantic, responsible and loyal, the foreigner will have difficulty to get the French girl. My friend that from UK said please the girl UK also high the price himself, don't hope you that the outsider British could easily conquered them except you had quality that true good. Yes I did not want to lose, I every Indonesian girl same pride him was high. They only wanted to get it must be quality guy high bla bla, than suddenly my friend France cut my conversation, u you should not lie dude. Well would I was startled, why?? Continued the British spoke, the Asian girl, include Indonesia's girl that easiest was asked to sleep and get s*x Wanted one night the stand OK, wanted merit official also OK. Asian girls are the cheapest. Continued they every again :"people from eurooe or USA person that not the quality so as not the behaviour in his nation personally, would very easily Asian girl. Continued they laughed-laughter and see my face that red. I just quiet, in my heart was touched on and embarrassed mixed. I felt gak had pride again as Asians, I want urged the table to be the same the white person, but what I can do that the reality. Although finally they every just kidding and apologised, but the incident had results in my heart. "No pride" evidently was the view of the stereotype of the white person's guy of the girl Asian.
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