Romance in the workplace...

@Tip200 (17)
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December 16, 2006 12:05am CST
You can't stop love and it seems the easiest place to meet people is often where you work. You start to know people at work and it takes the edge off the dating thing. Love just "blossoms". But is this a good thing or a bad thing? I don't think it can be prevented by a company policy, but I certainly understand the need for policies on this topic.
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30 Dec 06
I notice this hasn't been responded to, but it's a great question!!! Love does often "blossom" in the workplace because it's where you spend all of your time! Before long, those people become your best friends because that's whom you see day in and day out. Love in the work place is neither good nor bad. It just happens. It's like I always say, "You can't help whom you love." I suppose if anything, it's a good thing because you start to date someone you've become close to. Dating someone you know, trust, and care for as a friend already is often the key to a healthy relationship. As for company policy, it's kind of like your mother telling you whom you could date in high school. It will either be very important to you, or not make any difference at all. Anyway, fabulous discussion topic!! :-)