Working with slackers...

@Tip200 (17)
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December 16, 2006 12:09am CST
No matter where you work it always seems there is at least one slacker around causing everyone to have to work a little harder. Doesn't that make you mad? Perhaps you are the slacker! Do you slack off and know it? How do you recommend handling a slacker?
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16 Dec 06
This is just part of life and yes you will always have a slacker on the job. The worst part is if you lower yourself to their level then all of a sudden your the one that is getting the warnings and write ups and such. They see you preform and then expect that out of you. There is no winning with a slacker around you just have to learn to work around them and do your job the way you want to and hope for the best. By the way these are usually the ones that get promoted over the hard workers.