MOODS Change - A mystery!

moods change - This photo shows the change of mood of a woman
December 16, 2006 2:34am CST
Moods keep on changing for us always. At most of the times we people couldn't find out the exact reason for our change of mood. Sometimes this may be due to physical fitness, mental fitness, external environment, hormones etc. Discuss how you have experienced the change of moods and your reasons for that... For me, the moods will always be changing, eventhough I couldn't express to the outside world..
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• Germany
18 Dec 06
Human moods are the expression of his heart. When he has got some success or satisfaction his mood is good. On the other hand unsatisfactory things have a bad effect on the mood. Weather also has the affect on mood. There are a lot of small things which have effect on the mood.