IT-Information Technology BOOMS in India (What's your opinion??)

Information Technolgy - This phot shows a computer used for Information Technology Industry
December 16, 2006 2:52am CST
The term IT(Information Technology) gives us the thought of computerized and automated world. But India has aquired wealth and name in this outsourcing industry. A qualified BE(Bachelor of Engineering in any specialization) gaduate in India will most probably get a job in the IT industry for a decent pay compensation in India. But statistics say that since they can get cheap labourers in India for IT field, this is working. But what I feel is that a qualified BE graduate is soon converted to programming and software services to lose his Engineering degree completely. If someone is getting a job in his own technical field, then its very much less paid, so people are curious to get into IT. Due to this the whole Indians are working in Callcentres(ITeS- IT enabled services) and IT field except a few in other or their own fields. Also this locks the Indians in other fields. I totally disagree with this concept. What's your view or your opinion about IT industry in INDIA or in the WHOLE WORLD.. Is it worth making most of the Human Resources into IT industry at this time... Then what would be the FUTURE of IT industry as well as other fields.
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• India
24 Feb 07
"yes" I accept your concept. Let us welcome the IT Development, at the same way concentrate on the programming, software inventions, for this we have to use our qualified engineers and proffessionals in exact field itself. The general opinion going on is there is no qualified persons to finish the work. if we turn the our engineers in their own field , it will be better to our future. We need specialization
• India
27 Feb 07
Mean while India is losing in other fields focussing on IT. I feel that the economic background of our Indians are forcing many of us to work in IT field. And my concern is that in future this problem would soon go down as the economical situation will go stronger than now!
• Singapore
18 Dec 06
Good for india.I am losing alot of my web development business because of india...
• Germany
18 Dec 06
I dont think its a good idea. people should work in different fields and governments in general should make the environment such that all the fields have well paid jobs. Otherwise the diversity will end and it is not good for any society. I believe every field is equally important.