why U.N. did not stop Bush from attacking iraq ???

December 16, 2006 4:45am CST
i am not against anybody, but if we follow the law strictly i think president bush's decision to destroy iraq was immoral and abusive. There are lots of baby's , young boys and girls,old man and woman who are caught in the attack and The united nation did not agree on the decision of Mr. Bush to attack iraq but why indeed did the united nation did not stop mr. bush from attacking??? What was the role of mr.kofey anan ??? is it really sadam hussein that they are after to or is it that they want to conquer middle east or get the oil from iraq ?? i think we are all the same (anericans,asians,arabians etc) but what is different is the good from the bad...people in power should have not have their own interest and should think for the safety of all nation and not only their own nation alone.. Another point i think mr.bush revenged sadam from the gulf war because his father bush sr. did not won the fight when they got to defend kwait from iraq...and the gulf war.and now they destroy a country...??? do you think it is ryt to generalize the whole country from the fault of a leader??
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