tell me, what's the big deal about fraternities?

December 16, 2006 5:15am CST
if it's really for brotherhood and about civic-mindedness, then why are small children, like 10,11 yr old kids, recruited and given assignments like steal their classmates things or worse, kill someone? it's getting worse where i'm from that i don't allow my boys in the malls without a chaperone. they're griping, all right, but better safe than sorry.
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• United States
5 Jan 07
It really is for the brotherhood and the benefits that come with it. I mean no disrespect and understand your concern, but I must disagree with you on the recruiting young kids to do bad things. I am in a fraternity (social) and we are actualy a no hazing fraternity, have no pledge system, and follow three cardinal priciples in virtue, diligence, and brotherly love. I lose my fraternity. You make so many friends and create some many connections. We strive to be involved on campus as much as possible while attaining exceptional academic standards. Not to mention we are the best athletic fraternity on campus as well (so don't call us nerds). The fraternal bond that is created when you join lasts with you forever.
• Philippines
7 Jan 07
oh, how i wish all fraternities are like yours. i really fear for my 2 boys (they're only 9 and 10) and i can't chaperone them forever! we hear and see alot of news items where this guy was killed during a hazing and it scares me! thanks for the info, though!