harassment by neighbors in building

United States
December 16, 2006 5:53am CST
I live in a old wood rotted home in san francisco that is very drafty and has very thin walls.Two years ago I moved into this apt. and started hearing voices.They were taunting,abusive and threatening.I soon became very sttressed by these voices and stopped my hiv medication in case they were contributing to it.I eventually went on anti psychotic medication though I have always continued to hear the voices.I now beleive the voices were those of the other tenants in the building said under floors and behind walls but never to my face.I have called the police 4 times to report these threatening voices but each time the neighbors deny any knowledge.My neighbors and I do not get along at all.They insult me on the street and have even threatened that they are going to getr my job taken away from me.They no longer even try to pretend that it is not them and they speak to me non stop.They even awnser questions I write on paper.This is impossible unless my apartment has had some recording device placed.I know that my apartment has been illegally entered at least 4 times which would give such a opportunity.My neighbors go out of their way to avoid me yet as soon as they are behind walls they spew the most vile, threatening and abusive comments at me.I am not wanted in this building and the manager is no help and is friendly with the other tenants who hate me.What can I do to report my concerns before something happens like losing my apartment or job due to falsehoods spread by these people who hide behind walls.These are real voices which stop whenever someone oter than myself enters the room or the apartment.gregg andrews san francisco
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@sunshinecup (7881)
16 Dec 06
Please don't take this as an insult, but MOVE! Why stay there questioning your sanity and continue with the harrasment? Staying there attempting to fight the entire neigborhood is useless and will only make things worse. Just leave all the jerks behind and move.
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17 Dec 06
if I left I would feel like I gave in and let people get away with treating a person so disrespectfully.And I would always be worried if other persons moved into the building and they experienced the same things that I couldnt or wasn't able to stop.