why isn't hurley losing weight

@missy1 (104)
December 16, 2006 9:37am CST
when will the food run out and will hurley then eat his friends
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@matt608 (843)
17 Dec 06
It is a bit weird, I would expect him to lose some weight, given all the excercise he has been doing. Remember he has access to the food and so wouldnt lose weight that fast. But you are right, the food has to run out someday, and then we will see if he actually loses weight!! It will be interesting....
@twinkleD (361)
16 Dec 06
i was thinking the same. although i think i read somewhere that he had lost 'some' weight after the first series. guess he needs to excersise more....trecking half the island in that heat obviously had zero effects. he must be eating way too many fish!