Elliot: The Life of a Feral Cat

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December 16, 2006 11:00am CST
I wrote this a while back and it became the basis of a book I wrote called Loving the Feral Soul. Elliot: The Life of a Feral Cat I am Elliot A child born to Momma one sunny June morning in a barn I am that cute little Tuxedo kitten you saw at the shelter behind bars I am the one you could not resist, the one with a single tear shaped patch of white under the right eye I am Elliot Child of a farmer's daughter The one he without remorse gunned down 5 weeks after she brought us into this world The one who fed us then killed my sister Sasha and brothers Troy and Sir I am the one that escaped quietly as I heard the cries of my siblings echoing from the garage that Sunday morning I am Elliot The motherless child the neighbor took to the shelter. The one they found distraught and broken under the porch I am the one you promised to love forever and care for I am Elliot Remember that beautiful Tuxedo kitten you fell so deeply in love with Love at first sight you promised me a life, security, shelter and food I am the one you nestled with in front of the fire during the bitter Winter months I am Elliot Your star child. Mommy? Do you remember today's date? I am two years of age today Can I visit you? Throw me a few bits of decent food I am Elliot I roam from field to barn Chased by coyote and dogs Kicked in the ribs, grabbed by the scruff and thrown face first on gravel roads Shot at, pushed, hit, spat at, degraded and yelled at The old woman tried feeding me poison once I am Elliot Lately, I have very little strength to fight for the bits of mice I have hunted in the canola field behind the old abandoned barn The younger tomcats, strutting their lush furs for any female Shoving, pushing, stealing my claim Once upon a day I was a prize fighter, a lady's man I am Elliot Fur dirty, matted Skin hangs from under my left eye from hitting gravel My teeth are broken I was beautiful once; such silky hair and bright emerald green eyes I am Elliot My body has weakened Food means little to me now; what I can keep down I am feverish; in constant pain; swollen belly I have nightmares; My sleep restless I am Elliot For the first time I slept in peace I felt this cool wet nose push against my cheek And the warm touch of a tongue There she was; Sasha. The most beautiful yellow eyes Long beige flowing hair and still she remained such a sweet tiny girl She looked deep into my eyes with quiet understanding And spoke to me as only cats communicate with one another There, behind her, sat Momma Many I have had the pleasure of meeting But this Calico angel; this farmer's daughter; crying.... And at her feet, Troy and Sir sleeping peacefully Twin orange tabbies How I remember the four of us chasing each other while Momma watched over us "Elliot" such sweet music. How I missed that voice "Momma; why did that man do this?" "Elliot. It's of no importance now. You are tired my son. You are feverish, your cough is much worst and the light in those emerald greens I have loved forever has dimmed." "I am sorry Momma. For running away that day; for losing the fight; for...." "Hush Elliot. All is well. Sasha?" "Momma?" "Come join your brothers" Then, with such grace Momma came to me How soft and warm her coat felt close to me "Elliot" "Yes Momma" "Close your eyes baby; it's time" I am Elliot I leave to you my last breath I give to you one last look Look deep; the last of Momma's legacy dims slowly from this existence I am so tired. I don't see very well right now I am trying to hold on dearly Perhaps by chance someone will find me Give me that second chance my family never had I am Elliot Please, remember this name Please, offer my resting body a proper burial Do not leave me lying here amidst the insects and dirt I am Elliot More will come like myself Broken, orphaned, abandoned There are many of us Next time you meet one of us One who is ravaged by hunger, illness, despair Remember these emerald green eyes that once pierced the night and drew rainbows in the sky Next time one of us comes to you for love and shelter Let them whisper my name to you as you sleep I am Elliot It is getting so dark My paws twitch with uncontrollable fits I am tired I hurt It is so dark ©Jean Boileau - Loving the Feral Soul
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