FIV Cats

@feralcat (426)
December 16, 2006 12:30pm CST
There is alot of debate still to this day that surrounds FIV positive cats and what to do with them if you have a multi-cat home. One of my most beautiful feral cats Katherine died last year she had 4 kittens in the barn. It took me 3 days to trap them all and bring them indoors. These kittens were 5 weeks old at the time. There is Q-Tip, Alex, Sad Eyes and Skiddles. Back in August Sad Eyes became quite ill. I rushed him to the vet where he spent 3 days and ended up testing positive for FIV. Alex his brother also tested the same. I did alot of research on the net on this but in the end got so confused that I was ready to give up and this is whe I came upon a book by Tom Hapka called Feline Aids: A pet owner's guide. I picked up the book and even spoke with him on the telephone. If there is anyone out there with an FIV cat looking for answers this is the book to get. Much of it deals with a more natural and holistic appraoch to the disease and the immune system of these cats. Several vets I've spoken with said that it was not clear as to if FIV can be passed during the gestation period but having 4 with FIV then it is quite possible although wether it is during the gestation period or as the mating stage passed on by the father is questionable. My cats right now are on CoQ10, Ester-C, Vitamin E, Garlic, Acidophilus, L-Lysine and Earth Origins and I have also added raw food to their canned food. They are in perfect health and doing great. If anyone out there has an FIV cat(s), seek answers from different sources such as Best Friends Org. and get Tom's book; it will bring some comfort in knowing that your feline companion can live a long life and need not be isolated from other cats in your home who are negative (unless of course there is fighting going on or the presence of blood)
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